Key findings

  • There are connectivity problem with mobile, in particular that it’s sporadic. The platform dictates when and where any networking happens.

  • There are restriction use cases and generally they are 30 seconds and then you put the phone back in your pocket, therefore it’s less beneficial to have a full node

  • Early adopters as users, such as with Textile Photos, are ones frustrated or paranoid about Google looking for alternatives and they are willing to put up with a lot

  • Data sync issues constant sharing of photos different states felt unsolvable - data discovery issues

  • Look for data on networking and it just times out

  • Don’t remember specific level of feedback

  • Users don’t want to know they’re running a node, it should be invisible

  • The end goal should be the user having siloed data not application silos. It should be flexible and the user would have choices when you need to authenticate with your ID and choose the provider like OAuth. Thus the user should depend on the provider for the user experience which could be long password to email to anything