Key findings

  • Your ID is the sum of all the groups and all your online personas

  • Your ID should follow you around but you could choose what parts go where of your ID

  • People need level uptime for P2P like the current web and won’t compromise but users want privacy and agency now

  • P2P skews towards the global and the young but they expect native apps on mobile

  • PWAs break the user experience - don’t know how they persist on the home screen and if the data will get cleared

  • P2P requires a lot of user education

  • People are aware of this thing that is “the cloud” and know their data is in it somehow, but often not where it actually is, for instance with Uber rather than actually on AWS - they haven’t thought why it’s portable and what enables that

  • Things are moving back towards offline-first rather than cloud-first from the past eight years of depending on persistent server connections

  • We might see something even more radical happen which is moving towards mesh applications like FireChat - this is where the traditional web seems to be moving

  • Its not known what the UX costs for implementing JS in IPFS in terms of data usage and battery, etc. because it’s not been battle tested and developers won’t move on it until it is