Key findings

  • There are many challenges in spreading out app updates with p2p applications in the field and to have data come back that doesn’t need connection such as it being expensive in both time and money to go somewhere and sync

  • Kenya p2p experience more useful as they will deploy periodically and update curriculums and update at same time. This syncing of data and app is very useful and efficient as staff are in mad rush to update tablets with generally not good internet which can not be depended on

  • Synching and update if connection has to be intentional and up front and have to have auto update off

  • How manage privacy in p2p settings?

  • How build sense UX of data is not just on internet? Typically it is “I want latest articles, does anyone have them?” but this is not always the use case

  • For sure he can help show browser people they need more APIs to get p2p to a larger portion of the world can’t get biz done without that - browsers are universal - otherwise too many people developing on their own - chicken and egg problem.