Key findings

  • Torrent is interesting see what files are healthy and when it come down but Usenet has better UX because it aggregates and then download later

  • Usenet also has a monetisation where pay for no restrictions

  • Lots of problems with dead files and connections and need to go to forums to show if file healthy or not

  • Pays attention to status messages on client has for NextCloud setup that has for self use because don’t like limitations on how much space has online - can expand 10GB in closet and data is his to control

  • Use NextCloud on phone core uses digital vault with pic of every doc has and browse through videos and want to watch and stream videos - no room on phone so doesn’t download

  • Different logins for everything and uses password manager and hope blockchain adoption will change this

  • Wants private key on USB stick and not managed on phone but maybe have as secondary backup