Key findings

  • Android had killed Beam, a p2p app where you could send directly phone to phone before v10 Android

  • Constantly checks GSuite file syncing for whats coming and going and concerned with managing files, folders and permissions

  • Unique case with team drive sectioned off and section to Drive and have to maintain people and files and permissions of 3-40 people and have to be diligent about security measures

  • Battery saver mode on so no significant drain but notice more on wifi

  • With work in Yemen there is only phone connection and they need to make data collected anonymous so not collecting IP or anything that could cross reference with security footage

  • Conflict needs are for secure and accurate data and having to go off grid and off networks

  • Lots interesting things in decentralisation with IDs and couple years ago TechFugees with a Syrian guy who was working on decentralised ID systems with people on the move and think its scalable

  • How to handle with Shutdown Response Kit? People and organisations need to be supported when there are actors spreading disinformation