Key findings

  • There is a large issues with the value of the data storing and what sharing and it has to be easier to share to make it worth it

  • p2p should be widely used but nobody using it

  • There could be a network effect if there was a work use case such as if teams used it

  • Mac AirDrop very intuitive users should be able to use p2p when sharing content and not need to know the person

  • Uses reset password 50% of the time to login

  • Wallets and things like key management of ID based on wallet with control levels not widely use outside of crypto but what would be needed

  • Digital IDs are super complicated and maybe easy at first but very complex when people forget or things go wrong

  • Social recovery should be a feature but has to be designed well

  • The biggest challenge is adoption. There is no incentive to switch, it takes a big network to make it happen.