Key findings

  • The user should know what is going on and notifications should be just enough and not overwhelming

  • Web apps (progressive and otherwise) are understood to be slower, less stable and less dependable

  • P2P as a concept is understood primarily in terms of using torrent, but when using torrent there was a lot of attention paid to bandwidth, how much was being uploaded and downloaded and number of peers to whom you were connected

  • It's easier to send and use cloud services on the desktop, but it is important to know what is in the cloud and what is local

  • Battery life is less important now than it was in the past because with phones now, such as the iPhone 11 which the participant had, the battery lasts for two days

  • Cloud services like Dropbox used to require a lot of attention and would have to turn on and off because could not work on big files locally that were being synced

  • Being able to manage files and structure is important to the user and cloud services typically reflect this